Amiata Piano Festival 2020

MAREMMA - Southern Tuscany
May - December 2020

Born in 2005 at Amiata Mountain’s slopes, Amiata Piano Festival is a yearly event that takes place in the amazing frame of the Bertarelli Concert Hall located in Tuscan Maremma area.

Thanks to the founders, Mr. Stefan Giesen and Mr. Maurizio Baglini, today it has become a prestigious musical date in the international panorama.

Artists’ names of high resonance and the location, an acoustics and design masterpiece by Architect Edoardo Milesi, make the Amiata Piano Festival an event of strong appeal for all music lovers.

From June to December the doors of the Concert Hall open up and the magic of the Festival begins, renewing the yearly delight joy for sight and hearing.

Attending a concert here means immersing yourself  in the nature of the Maremma made of olive groves and vineyards, prestigious wine-making traditions and unpolluted landscapes.

Come to Amiata Piano Festival and let yourself be charmed by the great Performers of Classic Music, Jazz, Pop and by the beauties of the Amiata.


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