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Italy probably is the most particular country in the whole world.

Here you can find seas, mountains, snow, lakes, hills, valleys, fashion, music, food, wine, culture, football, popular festivals and whatever you can imagine.

You can decide how you wish to enjoy your tour in Italy choosing among plenty of amazing events.
Live and discover the beauties of the best Italian events, the concerts, the performances, the traditions, the flavours of the Italian cuisine, the most beautiful and characteristic Italian borghi and much more.

Art, Culture, Fashion and Design

The most important events for art, culture, design and fashion held in Italy. Discover Art and Architecture Biennale in Venice; Fashion Exhibitions in Milan, Florence and Rome; Venice Film Festival; International Furnishing and Design Exhibitions in Milan and many other events all over Italy.
Events in Italy, the special style of art and fashion experience!

Gourmet, Food and Wine

The historical tradition of high-quality Italian Food is yearly enriched by a number of fairs and events for fine food and excellent wine. No place develops more passion and phantasy for food than Italy. Here cuisine and taste are at their highest expression. Take part in the international gourmet events such as the Truffle fair in Alba and in Tuscany, the Food Exhibition Salone del Gusto in Turin, the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia and many other excellent Italian Food Events.
Participate to a cooking class, a true cultural experience where you'll learn about Italian traditional cuisine, taste the best Italian wines plunged in wonderful landscapes and try the delicious specialties of Italy in “trattorias”, farms or Michelin starred restaurants.
Italian wine and food excellences

Italian Football Serie A

The worldwide renowned soccer teams and the chance to see them play in their stadium warmly cheered by Italian supporters.
Italian Serie A is one of the most difficult and spectacular soccer tournament in the world. Performance, thrill and lots of supporters create the perfect atmosphere to join a wonderful match. Enjoy all the Italian matches of Juventus FC, AC Milan, FC Inter Milano, ACF Fiorentina, AS Roma, SS Lazio and SSC Napoli.
Choose your favorite match and combine your football daydream with a special stadium or city tour.
Fans from all over the World come to Italy to attend Italian soccer matches. Be part of the soccer emotion!

Music in his homeland

Italy is the homeland of the greatest music composers in the world. Have a look at the unmissable and superb music events all around Italy such as the Puccini Festival and Bocelli Concert in Tuscany, the Arena Opera Festival in Verona, the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, the Scala Theatre concert and Opera season, the Sunrise Concert on the Amalfi Coast, the New Year’s Concert in Venice and…
all the best Italian Music and Opera performances.

Popular Festivals

Don’t miss the traditional Italian festivals. Experience Italian tradition and identity and get the chance to have fun together with us! Enjoy the charming Carnival of Venice, the funny Carnival of Viareggio or the crazy Carnival of Ivrea, breathe the ancient smell of the crazy horse races Palio di Siena and Palio di Asti, be enchanted by the Light Feast in Southern Italy, take part in the…
most famous Festivals and Carnivals in Italy!


Bocelli Concert 2018 in his enchanting homeland Tuscany, the 75th Film Festival in Venice 2018 the first and most exclusive Movie Award in the world, Arena Opera Festival 2018 in Verona, Games and feelings from the most important Italian Serie A 2017/2018 Football teams, the most amazing Carnivals in Italy, the characteristic horse races Palio of Siena 2018 and Palio of Asti, the great Italian Fashion Events, the Italian Food and Wine festivals and much more!

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  • Activities: Cooking Classes to learn the typical and traditional Italian dishes, Pasta, Pizza and Mozzarella, Venetian Making Mask Courses, Special Tours and Activities in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Sicily and all around Italy

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