Sunrise Concert Ravello Festival 2020

11 August 2020 - To be defined

"The magical garden of Klingsor is found!" These words were pronounced by Richard Wagner in 1880 when he walked into the garden of Villa Rufolo in Ravello, near Amalfi. The garden is a natural terrace offering a breathtaking landscape over the whole Costiera Amalfitana. Even the Tuscan writer Giovanni Boccaccio wrote centuries ago: "This is the most pleasant region in Italy, a coast dotted by small towns, gardens and fountains..." In his masterpiece "Decameron" Boccaccio talks passionately  about the beauty of Ravello, about his charm, sea, sky, pines, olive groves.

Hence the inspiration, in 1953, to found the first Musical Festival of Ravello, one of Europe's most ancient musical festivals. The magic of this Festival is due both to the beauty of landscape and the natural location that, like a cloud in the sky, leans 15 meters high on the rock. On this breathtaking stage the best artists and the best orchestras meet every year in an enchanting harmony of art and music.

Among all the performances of the festival, the most suggestive is undoubtedly the Sunrise Concert. Seeing the sun rise by listening to classical music will give everyone a feeling so indescribable that you will never forget it.


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