Venice Carnival 2021

30 January - 16 February 2021

Tradition, colours, emotions. The Venice Carnival has very ancient roots: 800 years of celebrations, music and wild dances have created a great and unmissable event, famous all over the world.

Year after year, the Carnival renews and updates itself thanks to the brilliant ideas of renowned Artistic Directors. They organize the program and the party theme, caring of all details, making the event more rich and spectacular every year.

The atmosphere is magical and joyful and Venice becomes a river of masks, entertainments, shows and parades.

Venetian alleys and squares are the main places for celebration, but masquerade Balls and Parties are organized in the historical Venetian Palaces and luxury hotels, where you can breathe an alchemy air and discover the uniqueness of this event.

Choose your bizarre or sumptuous Carnival costume, wear a traditional mask and do not miss the chance to live this fantastic experience: historical dances, talented artists, music, typical dishes and desserts and so much fun will make your trip in Venice unforgettable.


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