Verdi Festival in Parma 2020

24 September - 18 October 2020

Giuseppe Verdi is one of the most brilliant opera composer of the nineteenth century. He is considered as the most famous Italian composer. The Verdi Festival is a very important music festival of Italian opera, it includes associated discussions, orchestral concerts, and other relevant presentations. It was founded in the mid-eighties and from the beginning of 2007, the Festival has been held each October in Parma, on Verdi’s birthday and right in the place where he was born.

Which is the most beautiful opera that Verdi composed? Nabucco? Aida? Or La Traviata? It is really impossible to say, each person can prefer one specific opera, which will surely be different from the opera preferred by somebody else. However, there is one thing that cannot be doubt: Verdi’s operas are among the most widely performed around the world, and his contribution to music is extraordinary and will always be well remembered.

For people who like Italian opera, the Verdi Festival would be a perfect choice, it will be a great show with a wonderful orchestra, top-notch performers and a very unique stage setting. Follow us to discover new pleasure and hidden gems in the Verdi’s operas, his music is never ever fails to be interesting!


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