eCommerce FAQ - Booking Evento Italiano

eCommerce FAQ

Welcome! Below you will find answers to the most relevant questions about the online reservation process. Please read them carefully.

Do feel free to contact us in case you have any further doubts.

Please note that you will be required to accept our Terms and Conditions in order to complete a reservation. You can find the full text here.

What are the steps to complete a reservation?

If you wish to book a travel package you are interested in, all you need to do is select the service combination from the drop-down menus. In most cases you will be requested to choose your favourite hotel, the room occupancy (double or single), the ticket category, and your intention to purchase a trip cancellation insurance.

Afterwards, you will be requested to fill in a booking form with your personal data and settle the due amount through a guided procedure.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the end of the booking process.

How much and how am I supposed to pay?

Payments are performed by credit card through a secure platform named Stripe. Evento Italiano will not get hold of your credit card details, as the transaction will be managed by Stripe with high security standards.

At the time of booking, you will be requested to settle the entire amount of the trip. No worries! There will still be the chance to cancel your booking without losing the whole amount. Cancellation refunds are defined in the Terms and Conditions and summarized in the related FAQ below.

Where will I find my tickets (in case the travel package includes any)?

If your travel package includes tickets for a performance, we will make sure you will get them in due time.

In case of paper tickets, you will find them at the hotel reception upon check-in, or we will let you know how to pick them up at the venue.

In case of e-tickets, you will receive them per e-mail not later than 2 weeks prior to check-in. Moreover, you will find them uploaded in our Travel App.

What does the travel insurance (medical expenses and luggage) include?

If you are a resident of an EEA (European Economic Area) country, we will provide a travel insurance that covers medical expenses and luggage.

In case of illness or injury during the trip, the insurance offers a free-of-charge phone consultancy with a doctor, who will assess if you need a medical examination on the spot or transfer to a hospital. You will get a maximum refund of EUR 1,000 with an excess of EUR 50.

The insurance also covers your luggage and personal belongings in case of theft, robbery, or in case of loss or damage through your airline.
You will get a maximum refund of EUR 750, with no excess. Sublimits are indicated in the policy.

Click here to read all details.

What does the trip cancellation insurance include?

The trip cancellation insurance is not obligatory, but recommended. You can purchase the insurance policy if you are a resident of an EEA (European Economic Area) country. The insurance will cover your penalty in case you are forced to cancel your trip due to documented reasons such as illness, hospitalization and other cases.

In light of the events of the latest months, the insurance also covers some Covid-related situations. For example, the insurance will be valid if you contract Covid-19 and for other Covid-related circumstances.
The insurance covers the amount of the penalty, with an excess of 15%. There will be no excess in case of long hospitalization (more than 3 days).

Click here to read all official specifics.

What happens if I need to cancel the booking?

Unless otherwise specified, cancellation penalties are as follows:

Date of cancellation Penalty
From the date of booking until 46 days prior to check in Face value of the event ticket included in the travel package (if any) + 25% of the remaining cost
Between 45 and 31 days prior to check in Face value of the event ticket included in the travel package (if any) + 50% of the remaining cost
Between 30 and 15 days prior to check in Face value of the event ticket included in the travel package (if any) + 75% of the remaining cost
14 days prior to check in or later 100% of the package price (i.e. no refund)

As specified in the chart above, in case the package travel includes services that imply an immediate, non refundable payment (e.g. tickets for theater performances, reservation tickets for museums etc.), these will never be refunded in case of cancellation.

Obviously, in case of cancellation, we can send you the tickets or try to resell them to other clients, in the latter case without any guarantee of success.

What happens if I can't travel due to Covid travel restrictions?

We are well aware this is a majoy worry nowadays.

We wish to reassure you: tourism legislation protects you in this sense. If you can’t travel, or you destination can’t be reached due to Governmental restrictions, you will have the right to cancel your reservation without any penalty.

If the travel package includes tickets for a performance of any kind, the amount of the tickets will be subject to the conditions decided by the performance organizer.

In any case we will respect the current legislation at the time the trip cancellation occurs.