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Andrea Bocelli’s Concert in Marostica 2022


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14 September 2022


After 5 years from his big success in Marostica, Andrea Bocelli will be back in Piazza Castello. Performance will include the most famous Opera arias and Bocelli’s world renowned songs.

A special event with a one and only date. It will be an amazing performance that will last in your memories.

The main square of Marostica will be the setting of this extraordinary event, where the most famous live human chess game in Italy usually takes place on the second weekend of September.
On the huge marble chessboard, placed right in the main square, you will see ladies and knights facing each others for two games: the so called Evergreen and the Immortal.

Live human chess game is dated back in 1454 when two men would like to gain Ms. Lionora’s hand. She was Marostica Governor’s daughter and since his father wouldn’t like to choose among the two suitors he decided that Lionora would marry the winner of a live human chess game.
Unfortunately original moves have been lost so today you will attend a live human chess game that reproduces the most famous chess games in the world.

Don’t miss the chance to discover Marostica, his history and to attend the always surprising performance of Bocelli, don’t lose it.

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Andrea Bocelli’s Concert will take place on Wednesday, 14 September 2022 in the main square of Marostica (Veneto, Northern Italy).

Andrea Bocelli will perform a repertoire based on famous opera arias, as well as his most famous songs. Bocelli will be accompanied by a choir and an orchestra.

The Concert will be divided into two parts: the first one will be dedicated to opera, whereas the second one will feature Bocelli’s well known songs.