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Saracen’s Joust – Giostra del Saracino 2024


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22 June and 1 September, 2024


Twice a year, Arezzo, one of the oldest and the most important Etruscan cities in Italy, makes you travel in the past: its streets and its squares will be filled with medieval clothes, flags, and you will hear typical music of chivalrous battles and parades all around.
During the two most suitable months for visiting Tuscany, the town wears like a court lady and hosts one of the most suggestive event of Italy: Saracen’s Joust – La Giostra del Saracino.

People from Arezzo, who love the four city neighbourhoods – Porta Crucifera, Porta del Foro, Porta Sant’Andrea and Porta Santo Spirito – treat you with two days full of charm and feelings and make you come back in a distant, but vivid Middle Ages for some hours.

The game, which was born between the 6th and the 7th Century, is based on a horse competition held in the main square: Piazza Grande. Every neighbourhood is represented by two Knights, who have to hit the shield of the “Buratto”: a wooden figure which represents the king of India. Once hit, this figure rotates and makes work three lead balls by which the Buratto can hit back the knight! The neighbourhood, which realizes the highest number of shots and the smallest number of penalties, wins.
The prize is the “Lancia d’oro”, a wooden spear on which historical characters or scenes are engraved, embellished with gold leaves and precious stones: a one of a kind.

Arezzo’s people wait for these two events all year long and keep alive secular traditions making viewers dive in the past.

Saracen’s Joust is a unique event which will overwhelm you with his medieval atmosphere!

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Saracen's Joust in Arezzo