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What We Offer

"Your key to enjoy Italy"

Travel experiences

Booking by Evento Italiano offers tour packages in occasion of the most important musical, food and wine and folkloristic events in our beautiful country. Thanks to our long-time experience we are able to create unforgettable travel experiences across Italy.
The partnership we have made over the years with the most prestigious theatres and event organizers allows us the access to exclusive events and concerts whose tickets are usually hard to find. We have the key to reach what you thought it was unreachable!

Our philosophy

Nobody knows you better than yourself

After many years of experience we keep on being surprised by the many ways existing of being excited and delighted by the places and events in Italy.  

The experience taught us that a universal travel formula doesn’t exist and that the traveler’s needs and expectations are, in their incredible diversity, the foundation of travel. 

We can’t guess which are your needs or what is better for you.  

And we don’t even have the arrogance to do so. 

Our products

You are the centre of your experience

Booking by Evento Italiano has been created thanks to this new perspective that puts you completely in the centre of your experience. 

Thanks to this new tool you will have the chance to be the real organizer of your trip, with your choices and preferences. 

As a professional tour organizer we will offer professional advice and guidance on choosing the right experience in Italy but always respecting your wishes. We don’t have a catalogue because we believe that every traveller should have the pleasure of feeling unique. 

Every tailor-made travel experience has also a series of collateral services that we offer without the need to ask because we aim for quality and we want your travel experience to be unforgettable.

Prestigious events

You don’t have to struggle to find tickets for the opera, the concert or the event you have been waiting for a lifetime. We will do the job for you!


Our payment and cancellation policy is certainly more flexible than you will find online. Moreover, you can choose the payment method you prefer between wire transfer, credit card and PayPal.

Selected hotels

For each destination, we have a range of selected hotels in various categories to satisfy every taste and every price range.


During your stay, travel details and documents will be available on your smartphone through our App.


Our qualified staff will help you find the most suitable travel solution and will assist you throughout the reservation process.


Is something not right once on the spot? Get in touch! You can call our hotline, or send us an SMS or a WhatsApp message. We will always be by your side to make your trip unforgettable.

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